Last Will and Testament of Bodie Broadus


Data of the Dead Assignment:  This  is a  last will and testament blog entry for The Wire character Bodie Broadus ….inspired by the ds106 assignment worth 3 stars 

Time: 9:09 p.m.

Will and Testament

Today is my  last day too live..   I have been thinking a lot about my brother James and what he may have thought about all that is going on in my life. 

Stringer sent me on a mission today….I set up shop around 5th avenue and the usual corner.  I put the boys up on what would be going down the usual bag, tag and deal with the local crack heads.

All of a sudden shots pop off and I end up dropping towards the ground. Nearby  I had seen a young girl and her baby…damn yo that baby couldn’t have been but 2 years old.   I look up to see the front of her white dress covered in blood….and to see her sobbing…it looked like the baby was shot in the head.   I think to myself this life is fucked up….I mean it’s all in the game yo right?  But some part of me just doesn’t sit well with me.  

I saw my brother James killed in cold blood.   I remember him lying face down in a pool of his own blood, with bullet holes riddled in of his shirt.  I don’t want that to be me.

I have a safety deposit box stashed in Baltimore with my local bank.  This online blog entry is to serve as my last will and testament.  I have at least $40,000 in this deposit box and I would like my grandmother to have this, I know it sounds crazy but this woman has raised me as her own since I was little…and I know that she would do right by me.

And in all honesty I want to be remembered as a man..not as some drug dealer because to be honest that is not my legacy.