Preston Bodie Broadus – Picture Reflection

For the next Wire assignment I made Bodie do a self reflection through a picture of himself.  The assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars.  Here is the original directions for the Looking at Yourself Assignment


I used the picture online editing software to edit on of his pictures.  The pictures is as follows:


Process & Meaning of Picture

The meaning of the above picture was something that I tried to reflect from Bodie’s point of view.  For example,  I always felt that Bodie was a deep character, he was always reflecting on his life.  This poignant point of  view is especially obvious as his character becomes more involved with the drug life he sort of loses himself.  The pixilation of his picture is also representative in the fact that he feels overshadowed by his older brother James’ death and more so the color contrast of the picture was changed to represent his own impending foreshadowing regarding his own mortaility.