Scenes from the Wire

Scenes from the Wire screenshot

Last week Zach Whalen reminded me of a tumblr site Ryan Brazell turned me onto last year: “Scenes from the Wire”. The tumblr is run by a bot—an art form Zach turned me onto yesterday—that automatically creates GIFs with subtitles numerous times a day until it has giffed every moment of dialogue from the entire first season. I’m actually finding it a great resource for refreshing my memory about particular episodes. I wonder how much more dialogue it has to GIF before it’s done?

It got me thinking, while talking with Zach about bots yesterday, what a wire106 bot might look like. So I think I might have bigger project for this class—above and beyond the assignments—figured out. I want to create a wire106-inspired bot through something like Tumblr, Twitter, or some other application—although Twitter seems like popular choice. Here’s to ds106 for making me feel creative again. I love this course!