11 and 12 = 3

Or at least it should have; that is equal three weeks that I at least needed to complete these weeks! Working from behind, I had the task of completing weeks 10, 11, and 12 with time running out at the moment.

Video Assignments

I managed to complete 13 stars with the exception of my video essay which I will be finishing by tomorrow. The video assignments that I chose were:

Cooking Show = 3 stars

Special Person Montage = 5 stars

Swede an Episode = 4.5 to 5 stars

Final Project

I opted to go with the coolest cat (I believe) on The Wire, that guy “Cutty”! The links for his social media accounts can be found at:





Daily Creates

The four TDC’s that I did for weeks 11 and 12 were:
I tried my hand at poetry with Haiku Hack, I did a 4/5/4 sequence but my creation was half bad, at least in my opinion. The next TDC, fittingly so challenged us to capture a collage of our ideal safe havens. I thought to myself how cruel for this to be asked of us at a time when I’m sure we are all deprived of rest and relaxation. Week 12, here we are being asked for still more poetry. I tell you what, our haiku’s must have been as good as I had previously bragged about because someone wanted more. I did “Don’t Get Mad, Get DS106″ this TDC was quite interesting, we were to pretty much talk shit as parking enforcement workers; right up my alley. For my final TDC I chose “Pick a Pet and Change It” because we all think of changing these little rascals into something they aren’t with Halloween costumes and the latest trendy fashions at the local Petsmart.