A barrage of pictures

Had a chance to try out a photoblitzer challenge for the first time! My goal is to take photos capturing the essence of the prompts provided to me in 20 minutes or less! The list I got is shown below:

  • Make a beautiful photo of something rusted or crushed.
  • Where would we be without tools? Take a photo of your most valued (non technology) tool.
  • Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into bright light.
  • Noses, schnozes, beaks, snouts, probosci, snoots. Get the picture!
  • Let’s play around with contrast. Make a photo that has contrasting colours.
  • Take a closeup photo of something very shiny. Make it hard to guess what it is.
  • A shadow in a way that makes it difficult to identify the object

click for another list.

And in order are the photos I feel best represented each category:








And a picture of the clock to show that less than 20 minutes has passed! (Note: I just now realized I left the screenshot with the image of the starting clock back at the computer on campus. I will get it and edit into this post on Sunday. For now you’ll have to take my word for it!)