A Businessman Indeed

Final Project

Since George Glekas is a businessman, I was thinking, what would best describe his personality? Since technology is a large part of business, I decided that it would be interesting to show everyone what George Glekas’ smartphone screen would look like. There was no assignment for this already, so I created a new Design Assignment called Apps Galore (3 stars), in which you use a design program to create a smartphone with apps for a fictional or historical character of your choice.

To begin this assignment, I started with a picture of a blank iPhone screen in GIMP. Using Google, I found images of app icons which I thought would be best in representing who George Glekas is. I then uploaded this app icon images onto GIMP as layers, resized them, and exported the finished product to a PNG file.

Below is the finished product!

The bottom of his phone screen includes all the essential items: calling (phone) capabilities, email, web browser, and music. I decided to also include apps for his three social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since George is a very organized businessman, he has an app to schedule his appointments. George also regular keeps track of his stocks with the stocks app. A businessman should always have a calculator handy (so he knows if he’s getting a good deal!). In addition, George has an app to check the weather, and since he is always so busy at work, an app to find restaurants in the area and make reservations.