A sister, a cousin and another sister



The “Collage with Symbolism” assignment was both fun and meaningful for me. The idea was to make a collage of photos of me and someone I care about. Of late I have been spending a lot of time with my sister Emily, back in town from NYC, and my cousin Alexandra, visiting from L.A. Obviously these girlies are from me on a normal basis, so spending so much time with them has been really great. I used canva.com to mash up three photos, for the three people in the collage. The top right photo is a portion of a larger cousins photo from our childhood. Emily is on the left, a wayward cousin rests in between her and Alexandra, and then I am on the right, hand to my face and crying. The bottom right corner photo is from Christmas last year before everyone was really separated, and then the vertical photo was taken this past month on a night out after Alexandra and I had turned 21.

Emily and I are only one year and 11 months apart, to the day, while Alexandra and I are less than a month apart in age. The three of us have always been very close and somehow revert to our childish selves when together again. I hope we can spend more time together, but for now I have just made a great collage to share with them!