An Unforgettable Name

What’s in a Name?

Your name is with you forever. Whether it’s your first or last. It is what people hear first when you introduce yourself. It is on all of your papers, projects, assignments, mail, accounts, job application, and much more. Some people may not like theirs and want to change it others wear it with pride. There are so many times you hear someone say “Oh what was that person’s name at the party” or wherever. When you have one that’s so unique it can make people remember you much easier. There are many Smith’s, Johnson’s, Wilson’s, and Davis’. How many Peed’s are there? Well, I don’t know exactly but I googled it and they say less than 2,500 in the US. I have never met another Peed in this world nor heard of one that I am not related to. Not saying I am directly related to all Peed’s but you don’t hear it often. Now I am not saying my surname is the only one like it but it is unforgettable.

I was born into the Peed Family. One that is unique within itself. On that day little did I know what that name would do for me. From early on I heard many jokes. It is such an easy name to make fun of. Just by saying my name Travis Peed you already have a subject and verb. It’s a sentence in itself. All you have to do is add something on the end and you can make fun of it. I heard those jokes from my neighborhood friends, preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School. I have heard them at parties and sporting events. I have even heard it in College. I thought that at some point people would be mature enough to just see it as a name. Boy was I wrong.

At first, I would come home from elementary school upset because the new kids made fun of my name. They would say it over and over and just kept thinking it was the funniest joke ever. After a few years in the school most people stopped because it got old. I thought I was in the clear. Then middle school happened. We had 2 elementary schools merge together. All of those new kids then repeated the same joke. Same deal with high school and college. I have had teachers calling roll, saying everyone else’s last name then get to mine and just say Travis…. or better yet say Travis Reed. Here are some examples of the jokes I heard:

  • Travis Peed but I don’t know where
  • Travis Peed his pants.
  • Travis Peed over there.
  • Travis Peed on the wall.

I get so much spam in the mail that says Mr. Travis Reed. Phone calls from telemarketers saying is Mr. Reed there? I would always answer No, no Reed but there is a Peed and hang up. So many people look at it and think it’s a typo. I have had people question applications that I write saying is it Reed? NO, I didn’t forget the second leg on the R. I am old enough to know how to spell my last name.

How can I relate this to The Wire? I looked through the names of the characters  and no one has a funny name like mine. I do recall how people call for Jimmy McNulty. There are numerous times within the episodes that the characters call for him by saying “McNulty.” Whether they are yelling at him or just getting his attention they refer to him by his last name. Once people get over the humor in my last name it is an easy one to call for me. Unless I am at a Peed Family gathering I can almost guarantee I will be the only person to respond to PEED.

After all this ranting about my surname some may think I don’t like it and wish I had a different name. I had that feeling before. Multiple times I can remember wishing I didn’t have to say my last name in front of the class. Even though it was embarrassing at times I would never give it up. I have had so many times that people hear my name and say “Wait are you related to …..” They will state one of my relatives, or parents, or sisters. Then they will have some story about how they met them or know them. I have had times that people say “Yea I remember you from …..” When I introduce myself to anyone for a possible job prospect I make sure to emphasize my last name. Then when I call back or put in an application it is an easy way to remember me. It will be extremely beneficial for me when during my work career. Yea it is great to have people remember me and make connections with me but that’s not the best part. The best part is I am the only one from my Grandparents  family that will carry the name on. Every other of my dad’s brothers had daughters and are married. My cousins all of different last names. My two sisters will also have a different last name, assuming they will get married. I am the only one that can and will carry this name into the future. I am proud to be a Peed.