Bad Guy Business Card

Do you have anything that you want to smuggle across the ocean? Do you want to do it cheaply and efficiently? Well then call Frank! Frank is great at bringing things over secretly so no one knows where you got it!

I saw this assignment that Paul created about Bad Guy business cards. I thought this would be great to make for someone within The Wire. I was deciding between the Greeks, Nick Sobotka, or Frank Sobotka. I decided to go with Frank because he was the head guy at the port but he can also keep things under wraps. He also knew when the group was watching him. He was great at helping people out.

Now on another note I thought this would be a great advertisement for Frank’s “business” he runs with the Greeks. Now This business card would be useful before the end of season 2, so now this wouldn’t help at all. But I did have a lot of fun making this assignment! I used photoshop (again) to create this business card. I just placed the text then I took the truck from my Minimalist TV Poster to create the “logo” for Frank’s business. Frank was very good at keeping things under wraps, while still making things look like they were completely normal.