Beatrice Russell as a Pinner

Its hard to imagine what different characters might do in their free time outside of the show. But as another part of the weekly assignments, there was an option to make a Pinterest board based on a character from season 2. Pinterest is addicting. So while thinking of a character to use for this assignment, it dawned on me. If Pinterest was around during the course of the show, I think Beatrice Russell is a closet pinner. I think she would really like Pinterest on the off chase that she has any free time. Although I don’t know too much about her, since we are only two episodes into the second season, I thought she would be a good character to look at. The actual board can be found here but I am going to go through each pin. 

Beatrice works for the Port Police in Baltimore. She patrols the containers for any potential threats may they be theft, or in this case human trafficking.


Now the following pins, are my recreation of her uniform, this might be something she would wear outside of work as well. I think the bomber jacket is really cool and it seems like it would be pretty warm on a cold winter’s day at the harbor

I love the scene where she discovers the container, and she is listening to her walkman as she patrols the rows of containers


These are what she is dealing with at work, at this point in time during the season. She discovered 13 dead bodies, all female, and they don’t have any form of identification on them. With the help of McNulty, she is able to give these cases to the Baltimore City Homicide unit.

I added these pins as well because Beatrice is a single mother, trying to put her kids through school and have a full time job as well. The book might be something she would enjoy when she has a little free time on her hands, I would assume that is very rarely though.