Beatrice’s Dream Vacation

Hiya! For part of the final project, I decided to make a Pinterest for Beatrice. One of the web assignments was to make a pinterest board for her dream vacation. Now Beatrice works very hard so I decided to pick something that was still in the states for her, and DisneyWorld is a great option. So from there I just found some good tips and trick on what to pack while flying down to Orlando. Luckily there is transportation provided to and from the Disney owned resorts, so I didn’t included a rental car. I picked Animal Kingdom Lodge for their hotel, partially because I’ve always wanted to stay there. Then I went through the 4 main parks in DisneyWorld; Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. These are personally my favorite parks and I pictured Beatrice and her family going during the winter so the water parks are closed during this time. Then I picked some tips and tricks on how to navigate each park. I really like planning a vacation using pinterest! It was fun to think like Beatrice and figure out where she might like to have travelled. And with her kids too. That was my main point was to plan something would be family friendly.  You can check the board out over here!