Brothers Mouzone, No Move On!

Last Design assignment ending on a 3 star note with “Keeping Up With The Cast of The Wire”. I followed the suggestions within the directions and went with Piktocharter. This software was very user friendly, the research is what took me a good three hours to do. In choosing my characters I actually wanted to focus on the female cast members but was not surprised to see that not many opportunities opened for them. At least not at all as interesting as what developed for the male cast members. The woman seemed to stay stuck in miniseries, though very good miniseries!

I chose Idris for the obvious….well he is soo damn DREAMY! Besides his career has really taken off including the box buster No Good Deed which was recently released. I also chose Clarke Peters because I felt he played his role so well in The Wire that it was as if he weren’t even acting; as if he really is a detective. In addition, I found it interesting how these characters went on to play roles that either paralleled with one of their co-cast members or he even paralleled with the character they played in The Wire. Further giving prestige to how successful the work of David Simon has contributed to these gentlemen’s careers. Michael Kenneth Williams continued to play as a thief but the funny thing with the character in The Road is has the guns turned on him.