Call Me Morgan Freeman

My final video assignment (yay) of the week was the “Video Essay” that we were all required to do. If i could describe this assignment in one word it would be “underestimated” because that’s how i looked at it. I figured, hey, i just have to talk about the episode! Um, yeah. That wasn’t just it. I have to sound knowledgable also. I can’t just BS my way through this. I find this aspect of the class difficult. I’m not very good with analyzing the episodes. I like to discuss my reaction and thoughts but actually analyzing this is pretty difficult. I tried my hardest though, so do not judge! I think i actually stuttered a couple of times and definitely repeated myself. Who cares. JUST LISTEN TO IT!

The Episode/Scenes:

I chose Episode 2 of Season 4. It was fresh in my head and i felt i had a lot of thoughts on it. The scenes i chose were great, i thought. Let’s discuss the first scene. That was intense. Seriously Mayor? You couldn’t lock the door? I loved the camera angles in this scene because it reminded me of The Shining like i mentioned in the video. For more thoughts on this, watch the video essay! My second scene was Prez and the classroom. That song was perfect. Ring of Fire. It made me feel really sad because it was so accurate. He did mess up his life and it all burned before him. But the colors in the room implied a new, brighter beginning for him. That’s why i chose it. The next scene was cool too because it was the new and improved boxing gym. I loved how Avon’s old boxing picture was hung up because it tied him back into the show. That’s how to recognized him in the first place during that basketball game (EvW). I enjoyed viewing the boxing coach’s character as a good person. He made a life away from the drugs after learning that it gets you nowhere. I was struggling to find my final scene so i went with the scene with Bubbles and his friend. After his white boy died, i was sad. It seems like he found a new friend but he’s trying to improve his life. Go to school, it’s great. Bubbles is overall a good guy. I also liked this scene because it included Prez. Once again, the show is tied back to everyone. Where’s McNulty though? Anyways, those were my scenes! Now let me show you how i created this!


Imovie has slowly become my best friend. It’s not a great relationship thought because it’s hard! Why can’t the movie making process be easy? Life isn’t easy so whatever. I started with downloading the episode. That was good. I opened the episode in MPeg and cut each scene i wanted. This wasn’t too difficult. My next step was to import everything to Imovie. This took me longer thane expected because i kept on shifting the frames and the audio wouldn’t match up. After a couple tries, it was easy. The only easy part of this process was the audio. Imovie has this great feature where you can record over scenes. I had to adjust the sound so my voice wasn’t too powerful and you could hear a little bit of the actual episode. This turned out great! I’m pleased with my final product and i hope you enjoy it. I definitely believe this was worth the 5 stars, no doubt. Here’s my link below!