Capture The Beauty

I decided to create my own video assignment for my last video assignment of the week. As i mentioned in my previous post, i spent my Saturday afternoon hanging around Fredericksburg. It really made me realize how beautiful Downtown is. The leaves falling and the holiday decorations hanging around made the whole atmosphere great. I love Fredericksburg. It’s as plain as that! This is why i wanted to create “Capture the Beauty” because places as pretty as Fredericksburg need to be captured. I find myself constantly taking photos and sharing them with my friends. I want other people to realize how charming Fredericksburg is. It came to me that why not create an assignment for this? Fredericksburg isn’t the only town that’s pretty. There are so many places in the USA and the world that are just as awesome as Fredericksburg. I felt that with this assignment, it would allow not only me but everyone to appreciate other places. It’s not necessarily difficult to make a vine, that’s why i gave this assignment 2 stars. I would have given it 1 star if i didn’t require people to go outside and venture off into the town. I don’t want videos of your backyard or driveway. Go outside and experience the beauty for yourself! Share it with us! I really did enjoy making this assignment. It may look like it lacked creativity but as you can tell, i thought hard about this.

My Video

Like i said, i spent my day roaming around Downtown. On my way out, i filmed everything i found to be beautiful. My favorite part was the street lamp that was decorated for the Christmas parade. It looked like it belonged in A Christmas Carol. Aside from the lamp, the cemetary was also stunning. The way the leaves drifted among the tombstones was just awesome. It was eery and pretty at the same time. I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT FREDERICKSBURG SO MUCH. I’m obsessed, can’t you see? The only difficult aspect of filming this was deciding what to include. There are so many things you could capture, you just have to decide which is the best, you know? So go out, look around, and capture the beauty!