Cheap Sunglasses


In the Design category, I chose to do the Lyric Typography Poster assignment. The song I picked was “Cheap Sunglasses” feat. Matthew Koma by RAC. You can listen to the song here.

The lyrics I chose are at the end of the chorus and are “You’re cheap sunglasses. And they’ll see right through you.”

To create this poster, I used Adobe Photoshop. I knew I wanted to make the text go around to form sunglasses and so I made freeform lines around the tops and bottoms of two circles that I had inserted to use as guides for my lines. Then I added the text to the curved lines and played around with the anchor points until I was satisfied with how the text was laid out. I do wish I could have made the curves smoother but I really just do not have the patience to work with anchor points for more than a half an hour.
For the fonts I figured a serif font would work for the general words in the two lines that way the words I wanted to highlight would stand out when I made them either sans serif or display fonts. For the words “through” and “you” I knew I wanted them to be somewhat see through so I changed their opacity level to 35% and added a bit of a stroke effect for readability. I added drop shadows to all of the text to make them easier to read as well.

The colors and design of the poster came from the colors of RAC’s album Strangers which is the album that “Cheap Sunglasses” is on.