Daily Create: Map of the Internet

Today’s Daily Create was to draw a map of the internet:

Here is a very simple map that show my main relationships with the Internet. Twitter is a very urban area. Facebook is the suburbs. YouTube is like a beach resort.

I know my drawing is VERY simplified, but I wanted to draw it from the perspective of my main modes of engaging with the internet, which are YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. To me, Twitter is a very urban area. Everyone is close together and is able to get involved with really interesting things. News travels quickly and this part of the Internet houses some real media powerhouses. Facebook is like the suburbs. You’re surrounded by family, friends, and all the people from high school who you still don’t really like. YouTube is like a beach resort. You’re interacting with people you might not otherwise meet. But it’s also an expensive place to stay that impinges upon your own freedoms. They don’t like noisy guests or ones who break the rules, no matter how stupid the rules truly are.