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“Bumper Sticker” DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments961 (3.5 stars)


Yo, yo, yo… Wassup.  I this here assignment, Melinda helped me design a bumper sticker for my main man, Renaldo’s cab.  Renaldo and I spend alot of time in this cab.  I want to tag it as ours.  This bumper sticker is marked with my favorite saying.  If you know me, then you have heard this saying fo sho.


Omar and I designed this bumper sticker in Pizap.  He wanted to go with his favorite saying.  I talked him into adding some designs of the crown and dragon.  (Images typically used by Kings)

The entire project was able to be created in Pizap.  I used the landscape screen to make the image on.  I used the text tool to create each line.  The top line is white text on a black screen and the bottom line is a green with black text.  Both the crown and the dragon are images that are available directly in Pizap.  I hope you enjoy it!

Omar bumper sticker