George Glekas’s Professional Background

For my final project for DS106, I chose to use the character George “Double G” Glekas from The Wire Season 2. George Glekas is a member of The Greeks and the owner of Pyramid Inc., the front for The Greek’s smuggling operations. I thought it would be interesting (and highly appropriate) to delve into George’s professional background, since he is a businessman.

In the DS106 assignments I was looking for something that dealt with resumes or LinkedIn, however, I couldn’t find any relevant assignments. Instead, I created a Web assignment called Character Resume (4.5 stars) in which you use a platform such as LinkedIn, or create a webpage or Word document of a character’s “fake” resume. I felt that fellow and future DS106ers would find this handy if they wanted to tell a story or give a picture of a character’s past.

To complete this assignment, I created a new LinkedIn account under the character’s name, George Glekas. Using the user-friendly profile editor, I added a personal profile, work history, educational background, interests, skills, and languages to support my character. A wiki page for The Wire mentioned George had previously worked in San Diego, which I chose to include on his resume. To support my narrative, I included that George was also formerly a stevedore in Greece, which is how he learned so much about port operations.

In addition, I added a profile picture of George Glekas, and made the header background a beautiful picture of Greece.


To view the full profile/resume, click here.