Good Riddance Assignment #2

For my second video assignment, i was feeling nostalgic and went with the “High School Memories” assignment. Now, i know you’re all thinking “wow this one is really easy why not be creative.” Well, we did just have a week full of inspiration. I’m inspired by my past because i’ve grown so much! Sure, i’m only a sophomore in college, but high school was still a little while ago! It’s always nice to look back and see how far you’ve come. Now that i’m done being all mushy and sentimental, i’ll show you what i did and why i did it. Let’s go!


Believe it or not, i didn’t get a smartphone until college. Yeah, sad, i know. So i actually don’t have any videos from high school. All i contain are really embarrassing photos. But those are way better, right?  RIGHT. As much as i love being vain, i didn’t just include pictures of myself. High school was about your friends! I’ve included embarrassing photos of my closest friends who are still my best friends today. Yeah, weird. High school friends.. The way i organized my slide was i went in chronological order. I started off with the earliest pictures of myself (i’m basically a baby) and then i went to my senior year. If i were to include all my pictures, you would be bored and it would take too long to upload to youtube. I’ve cut it down so don’t worry! Now, as we all like to believe High School was perfect, it wasn’t. I added some photos that aren’t necessarily bringing back GREAT memories, but hey, that’s life.



I enjoy being cliche. Who doesn’t? Other than my friends, music was a big part of my high school career. Since elementary school, Green Day was my favorite band. Yes, that means they were in High School also. By the time i went into high school, i learned to control myself and i wasn’t the same obsessive girl i was in middle school. But! i still loved them nonetheless. Actually, i always consider Green Day my favorite band just out of respect. You’re probably thinking “Wow Carmela, you’re being really creepy. Why are you talking so much about Green Day..” Well, i chose to add the song “Good Riddance” to my video montage. Yes, Good Riddance. Probably everyone’s favorite song by them. I mentioned i like to cliché, right? Don’t all video montages of the past play to that song? Ha! This makes me laugh because i really do love Green Day so i can use this song without being cheesy or unoriginal. Who cares. ENJOY THIS!


Again, i used Imovie. So far it has treated me pretty well. I also just love the fact that i can upload my songs from Itunes directly into my project. I’m not lazy, i swear. Either way, imovie rules. And no, i’m not getting paid by Apple to say that. Although…. i would accept any offers if they ever decided to. Point being, i’m going to be using imovie for a lot of things so DEAL WITH IT. I do hope you enjoy my pictures and take a moment to look at your past. Whether it brings back good memories or bad, they’re a part of you. :)



Green Day: