Inspiration Week!

Hiya! Another week down!

This week was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed looking through the class feed and see all of the awesome things we are all making! I was really excited to find out that this week was inspiration week because I enjoy looking at other people’s work.

Here are my inspirations!

Inspiration: All Me In Narnia

Inspiration: DS106 Radio: Science Edition

Inspiration: Crazy Boats



Amy’s post All Me In Narnia

Ien’s post DS106 Radio: Science edition

Nicky’s post Crazy Boats

Brittany’s post My Light Painting

Lauren’s post The Wire is All Straight Lines

Amy’s post Rocket Emoji

Jess’s post Dunkin Donuts

Kisha’s post BWR Poster

Demi’s post Daily Create from the Creator 2

Demi’s post And You Are


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Its Okay!


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Radio Show Premiere


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