Minimalist TV Poster by Meredith Fierro

Meredith’s minimal tv poster really stood out to me first, because I love minimalism and seeing how other people tackle it, and second, because her minimalist design is bold. I love the contrast between the black and purple, as well as the white on the pills. Setting apart the drug color shows the importance of them in the show The Wire. I also noticed how Meredith used two different fonts on the poster. Her use of  a serif font for the title of the show lets people seeing the poster understand that The Wire is the title because it is bigger than the subtext and serif fonts have been generally used to mark a sense of professionalism and regality (although sans-serif fonts can be serious too!). By making the subtext a sans-serif font and a smaller size, Meredith is able to convey that her poster is for Season 2 of The Wire specifically, but that the show is not called The Wire Season 2.