“It’s all about self-preservation, Jimmy. Something you never learned.”

This post is about episodes 1 and 2 of season 2! Woohoo, we finally finished season one. And though it was good, I looked forward to seeing what would happen after the Barksdale case was over. I guess it is what I expected with them being disbanded and all. Did I think Jimmy would take it out personally on Rawls in the way that he has thus far? Not really, but then again Jimmy never ceases to surprise me. Anyway, here are my recaps of interesting points from Episodes 1 and 2.

Episode 1:

The theme of corruption rears its ugly head again right at the beginning of the episode when Jimmy takes money from the owner of the yacht to just move them out of the channel to let the uber rich party a little longer.

I thought it was interesting how Prez was talking to his father-in-law through a stained glass window of a dad passing his hat on to his son. It was kind of like how his father-in-law was talking about  handing him the positions of sergeant and lieutenant even though Prez didn’t want them.

Birds are a theme at the beginning of this episode. First the dove in the stained glass window and then in the ship yard they zoomed in on a seagull. At first I didn’t realize why but then Bunk was talking to McNulty about the Byrd case and I figured that was why, it was a sort of foreshadowing, in a way.

I think it’s cool how all the people in the department who worked the Barksdale case are still friends and still do a lot for each other. For instance: Daniels going through all of the files in the basement to try to find the one Bunk needs; Herc goes to Kima when he needs something that she could help him with (and then he invites her on a raid which she reluctantly says no to); Bunk goes to McNulty to try to find Omar (whether or not McNulty will help is not clear). But then McNulty called Bunk a “useless f&^%”–their relationship is very interesting to me.

Unfortunately the director has done a great job with Stringer’s character and I can’t help but like him. He is so smart. I loved how he had his boys followed to make sure they were following his directions to a T and doing all of the right things to make sure they were on his side. As one so kindly put it, “Stringer’s on top of his $hit, he’s on top of everything.”

I thought it was funny how they kicked McNulty out but then there he is helping them with cases because they don’t see the things that he does. It is obvious he was kicked out of the unit because of Rawls’s personal vendetta against him and not because he was a bad cop.

I love how Jimmy sends off the paperwork about how the girl was actually found within Baltimore city because of all of the tides and everything else. You know Rawls is NOT going to be happy about that.

Episode 2:

There were a lot of dang dead girls. Officer Russell was not happy about everyone just writing it off as an accident and putting all of the paperwork on her. She wanted there to be an investigation and all of that. She wants to get to the bottom of the case because she has a feeling they are not just stow-aways.

And again, the relationship between Jimmy and Bunk is interesting. They are sitting in the station eating crabs and drinking beer and Bunk goes “You’re not the run-of-the-mill kind of a$$hole are you, Jimmy? You’re a special kind of a$$hole.” They’re so mean to each other but both of them know that the other one means it but still likes them.

The hierarchy theme comes back in this episode too when Carver is down at the shipyard writing tickets on every car just because his boss told him to. His boss is the one who has a beef with the head guy at the shipyard because his stained glass window is in the prime spot in the church. And then there is Prez’s father-in-law kissing some kind of butt trying to figure things out and get the dirt on the shipyard guy. Is it really that big of a deal to have your window in the church?

Wee Bey doesn’t seem to understand that he is not on the top of the totem pole in prison the way he was outside of it. Those cops were lighting into him, most likely because they know that he shot a cop.

Daniels makes the right decision (in my mind) by deciding to resign. I think he will take his Major friend up on his offer of a job. He should check with him first though to make sure he was serious.

Rawls is such a butt. He won’t help the Port Authority with the death investigations simply because he does not want his clearance rate below 50%. That shouldn’t be what it is all about. It should be about figuring out who is at fault and sentencing them. All of a sudden everyone likes Rawls because he gets them out of having to work that case. I love how Jimmy keeps putting things back onto Rawls just to make him mad, it is hilarious. Freamon and Bunk were happy that Jimmy made Rawls take that case back UNTIL they found out that they would have to be the ones working it.

And then there are the drug lords inside the prison. Avon thinks he runs the place until he runs into one guard that he doesn’t have pull on, and that is the one that Bey needs him to have pull on to make his life easier. And then there is D doing drugs. Does that surprise me? Not really, it would have to be tough being in there for 20 years because your mom talked you out of ratting out your family. It doesn’t look like Avon is holding up his end of the bargain on that one.