Mashup Assignment 1323 “Movie Mashup”

Mashup Assignment 1323 “Movie Mashup” for 4 stars:

This was a very fun assignment to do.  This assignment was to mash different movies together and blend them into a Movie poster.  I chose to blend “Star Wars” and “The Wire”.  For this assignment, I downloaded the movie poster from the Star Wars.  I then went to google images and decided which characters would blend best on this poster.  Bodie is the greatest fit I feel.  He wore a hoodie in so many episodes that he naturally became “Obi Wan”.  McNulty just has to play Luke.  Kima as Princess Leia. and I threw Marlo in there just because he is such a bad boy.    I downloaded from google images each of the pictures of the characters that I thought would work best in the poster.  I then uploaded my original movie poster into Pizap.  This allows you to manipulate the photos to add other pictures and faces into the picture.  After all of the pictures had been added to the poster, I added the text “vs The Wire”.

Hope you like my poster!

Star Wars vs The Wire