Misgivings and Good Conversation – Season 4 Episode 10

Tonight I had a really good chat with my first group members.   My group members included Jessica Reingold, Nicky Memita, Nick Randall.   We were all tasked with discussing the Season 4 Episode 10 entitled “Misgivings.”

Initially we opened the discussion with a couple of screen shots in respect to the opening scenes of the episodes.

I initially commented that several of the scenes detailing police brutality at the beginning of the episode with the young boy and Officer Morris.    ( A picture of the scene of what I showed to my group is below).

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Again, as I think I should point out The Wire does a good job of detailing the other side of people’s professions and different aspects of lie.   As we have seen there are “good,” drug dealers and those who are trying to make it in this world.   In respect to this, there is also an opposite aspect of “bad cop,” syndrome as detailed in the opening scenes.

The second example and theme which we explored was the relationship between Bubbles and Herc.

Bubbles & Herc:

Another interesting Scene where Herc is apologizing to Bubbles for leaving him to get beat up. He pretty much just drove right by the assault. I think at that moment bubble start to realize that was really his friend and he was just being used for the “dirty work”


I found it kind of insulting that he tried to bribe him with chicken and grape soda ???  I felt as if Herc was using Bubbles and at this point and time in Bubbles’ life he notices how he’s been used and he doesn’t like it.  He even comments how he just gets chicken while everyone is coming up besides him.


photo 3

My other group members were very insightful and they caught wind of this as well.  They also commented how Bubbles changes in personality were noted.  In addition, we also referenced the previous episode where Bubbles calls upon Herc to help him out with a separate street problem but is ignored and beaten as a result of Herc’s absence.  Bubbles even confronts Herc on this in this episode,  a comment which was also brought up by my group.


In addition, we also talked about the color schemes and trends in Episode 10.   We talked how the lighting was very dark during the politicians (Corrupt) meetings with Mayor Ross as if they were trying to conceal something (Which they were doing some back alley deals) and the corruption with Senator Davis.   I thought that this was very insightful and everyone did a good job collaborating and commenting.  I couldn’t ask for a better group! :)