Missing Visuals

On the one hand it’s great to not have to worry about video or images when it comes to working with audio but since it’s not quite my forte I will say I am glad we are finished with the radio show. Here’s what I did this past week for week 8:

Daily Create


Commercials for Radio Show

1. It’s a Kodak Moment in the House!

2. Dunkin Donuts

Radio Show 

In addition to making the commercials and making a promo poster, as I mentioned on last week’s weekly summary, I blogged about our group’s progress and I did the final editing for the radio show. In order to put everything together, I downloaded the clips from SoundCloud and followed Alison’s outline for the show to make sure everything was in order as I imported the clips into Audacity. Once in Audacity, I cut out any unnecessary silent bits between the audio tracks in order to cut down on awkward pauses and on time. I originally made a version of the radio show that had much less music and cut down on the radio bumpers in order to fall between the 20-30 minute time limit, but as a group, we decided that we wanted all of the content we had made, so I put the original audio tracks for those parts back in. I’m happy with the way it turned out and am impressed by everyone’s creativity in making these commercials that show the product placement in The Wire. 

The Wire

Season 3 Episode 2: “All Due Respect

This is the episode I joined Jim and Paul on for a video discussion. I had a lot of favorite moments during the episode. First,  liked how clever and cunning Omar is. He really brings some entertainment to an otherwise dangerous and scary situation such as holding up your enemy’s place. Another favorite moment was when Pooh and Bodie run into Carver and Herc at the movie theatre. What made this so great was the the cops were very awkward during this scene and didn’t know how to respond, whereas the drug dealers were friendly and had accepted the fact there is this odd relationship between the them and cops. What was great is that it showed both parties that the other guys do have live outside of work and criminal activity.

The best part of this episode though has to be when McNulty and Bunk don’t realize Cheese was upset over a real dog, instead of a “dog,” when he was talking on the phone. McNulty and Bunk jumped to conclusions and underestimated the drug dealers yet again. Cheese may not be the brightest but he wouldn’t talk about killing someone that blatantly. In addition, this whole plot line showed that Cheese does have compassion for living things. He was genuinely upset over his dog, much like Bay was genuinely upset over his fish in season 1. These men are in a terrible environment but they aren’t serial killers or sociopaths.

Also, Colvin’s speech a the end was on point.

Season 3 Episode 3: “Dead Soldiers

In this episode we got see a rare side of Omar. Omar has been wanting to get back at Stringer for quite some time now, but as he learned, revenge has its price. We actually saw fear in his eyes during the shoot out instead of him bringing fear into other people’s eyes. When his friend was shot, because of his plan, we also saw him be truly sorry for what happened to her. Unlike Stringer and Prop Joe, Omar has remorse and understands that he pushed his friends too far.

Colvin has been surveying his district looks for places where drugs can be in ” paper bags.” I find it interesting how he is actually serious about turning a blind eye on the drug dealers. I’m excited to see if his team will carry out this idea for him and if the drug dealers will comply since they have been known to be very territorial.

Season 3 Episode 4: “Hamsterdam

Like I suspected, Colvin’s team isn’t too happy with “legalizing” drugs within a certain area. However, it is just a a part of Colvin’s plan to round up all of the drug dealers into one area and then make a massive sweep to get them all at once away from residents and schools. As I also predicted, the drug dealers are also not happy with the idea that the police have proposed for them. They don’t want to leave their corners. They don’t want to leave the familiarity of their spots, and of course they wouldn’t since they have the advantage in a place they know like the back of their hand. In addition, they also point out the fact the police are changing the game on them, which would also make them nervous. They know this system. Hide the drugs when the police are around, resume business when they leave. Moving to a new place where drugs are “okay” would be odd for them. There would be more direct competition and less skill involved with the craft (in terms of the secrecy.) I do hope they move though in the next episode just because I want to see Carver and Herc freak out as they can’t go over and beat up people in the proper drug zone.