My Inspiration

This week I was inspired by one of the posts that I commented on last week. It was Jeremy’s post from October 2. He made Cedric Daniels into a giraffe. It made me laugh but it was also a great choice of animal for Daniels. I was inspired by the simplicity of it but also the thought that went into it. He not only chose a perfect animal for Cedric–because of the methodical way that he moves–but he also chose the perfect face. Cedric seems to be saying “How did I turn into a giraffe?!?!” I commented on the inspire post and here is the picture:

The other post that inspired me was Nicky’s How-To McNulty for Dummies. It was also posted on the inspire page so I commented on the inspire post. Her post inspired me because it was very creative. It was a great idea to make a how to McNulty for dummies because he is a very interesting character. He is not a character who is typical of all shows. He is a main character who tries to be good but is really corrupt. I love her description of what the book is about. She also inspired me in the quality of her work. It is very high quality and I wouldn’t have known where to start with that project. Here is the picture of it: