Omar Little-Pumped Up Kicks [CONTAINS WIRE SPOILERS]

I made a music video for the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People that features scenes with Omar Little from The Wire. This assignment was worth 5 stars. I found a compilation of scenes of Omar on Youtube that was originally fourteen minutes long. I downloaded it as well as downloaded the song “Pumped Up Kicks.”  Then I imported both of those into iMovie. Next, I went through the compilation to cut out the parts that I didn’t think were as intimidating as some of the other parts. I had to basically cut out ten minutes of the compilation in order for it to match up with the length of the song.  After I found the clips I wanted to use, I try to make some of the parts sync up with the lyrics. I couldn’t do this very well for the first two verses of the song, but I got the bridge to match up nicely with the clip I chose. For example, “run, run, run, run” with the boys on the street running from Omar, the whistling in the song matching up with the scene where Omar actually whistled, and “bullet” as the last word lines up with Stringer being shot. What I thought was going to be a somewhat easy assignment turned into slightly a pain to work out, but I’m glad I stuck with it and tried to make I envisioned happen!