Pick Up the Phone Dramatic Reading Remixed

For the Dramatic Reading Remix [Remixed]: Media Bender assignment, I decided to do a dramatic reading of William Beckett’s “Pick Up the Phone.” Originally, the assignment called for the dramatic reading to be underscored by some other music, but since this is a media bender, I decided to pair it with video instead. I decided it would be really interesting to pair it with clips from old cell phone commercials, which I got from this video here.

I recorded my reading of the lyrics in Audacity, exported the file, and imported it into iMovie. I also downloaded and imported the video that the old cell phone ad clips were in and cut and trimmed it to fit my needs. I also added in a cell phone ringing sound effect at the beginning as well as title screens at the beginning and end.

Here is what it looked like in iMovie:

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 2.58.23 PM

Here is my final product: