PJ & SB Goods

I did the assignment The Ultimate Merger, worth 3.5 stars. I wanted to make this Wire related since Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell are in a deal with each other now. So what I came up with is a “package” logo, featuring both of them. I found a package icon on The Noun Project, and I found pictures of Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell. I made the package icon cardboard color on Pixlr, and ran both the Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell pictures through a black and white filter on Pixlr. Then, I cut out Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell’s heads and free transformed them as well as free distorted them to make them go in the direction of the sides of the box. Then I added the text to the box. I wanted to keep their logo somewhat vague since that’s how they talk about their products. In a way Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell are the ultimate merger since they are both very powerful drug dealers in Baltimore with many connections to all kinds of people.

Image Citations:

Package designed by Mahmoud Bachir from the Noun Project

Stringer Bell by HBO en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Wire_Stringer_Bell.jpg

Proposition Joe redright88.com/2013/01/18/rip-proposition-joe/