Problems in Baltimore

Final Project Work

For my character, George “Double G” Glekas, I decided to create three social media platforms on which he will post in order to develop the narrative of my story:

LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile

The Baltimore Times

This week going through the DS106 assignment bank to find appropriate assignments for my character’s narrative, I came across the design assignment Newspaper Design (3 stars). I thought this assignment would be perfect for telling my character’s story in an informative article. I decided to make the front page story of the newspaper, which I called The Baltimore Times. By reading the front-page article, you will see that there has been some bigger (and more dangerous) things going on with the cargo smuggling operations. Is it The Greek?

The Baltimore Times

To do this assignment, I opened up a blank Word document and formatted it to be landscape. I felt that Word would be easier to organize the layout and add text because it has the handy “Insert Shape” and “Text Box” tools. I decided to include a missing persons section at the bottom of the page. I also modeled the front page after what’s usually included on the front page of a newspaper.