Radio Ideas: What is a Wire?

With the impending radio project always looming on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking of possible ideas for what to possibly talk about. When I usually listen to NPR, i usually love informative, almost scientifically focused broadcasts like Radiolab occasionally does. So while most people seem to want to do broadcasts focusing on the artistic sides of The Wire, I’d love to do a scientific, “the more you know” style presentation. I’d think it would be educational, for me included, to go in-depth to how wiretaps actually work and explain it all in laymen terms. Even talk a bit about pagers, as they’re so outdated now some people might not know entirely how they work. How were the cops in the show able to use this technology to build their case? I think it’d be fun to go behind the scenes so to speak, and talk about the actual namesake, The Wire. I dunno if it’s something I can base an entire show over, but it’s something I’ll keep in mind.