Remix Assignment. Dr Seuss creation to someone’s previously created Visual Assignment 379

In the Remix Assignment 1266, I was given the image from Ien Harris as shown below:

Martian backyard

The Remix Assignment was to take this originally created Window with a view of Mars and add to this a Dr. Seuss inspired character.  I saved a copy of this window to my computer and uploaded it into and began my creation.  My favorite Dr. Seuss characters are all of the ones in the Grinch that stole Christmas.  My creation is Wendy Lou.  She loves Christmas just like Cindy Lou but her family lives on Mars.  Trees are different on Mars and therefore they do not have branches like those on Earth.  Wendy also has the power to create snowflakes.  These are special snowflakes though because they are not made from frozen water but frozen carbon dioxide and nitrogen.  I created Wendy by adding special features found on Pizap.  She has zombie eyes, hair, and various other items that you can add through Pizap.  I created her image directly on Ien’s image.  Once I created her, I downloaded her, and then uploaded her into Flickr so I could share my creation.

Hope you enjoy “Wendy Lou”

Remix Dr Seuss Character