Remix Texting and Driving

My 10th grade PE teacher, Mr.Miller, once said in our drivers ed class, “Once you’re in the car driving, you’re risking your life so don’t text while driving.” I really don’t get the point of texting while driving. It’s really dumb because to me, you can text while you’re at your desired place. Words or letters aren’t more important than a persons life. People who text while driving, they need to learn and understand that they’re risking other people’s life on the streets like thousands of them. It’s a good choice I had a chance to do a remix assignment about it. All I had to do was combine two pictures and show a shocking message but the remix of it was recruit people for ds106. I thought why not make it an interesting image to capture people’s attention. Here’s what I did below.

Texting and Driving DS106 Ad

Made it plain and simple. Wanted to make the colors mean something if you get what I mean. It kills me every time I drive around my neighborhood when I see a person texting while driving. I just want to tell them to stop because they’ll be risking their lives and other young ones too. It’s like common sense not to do this like:

It’s like seriously you think you may not be hurting anyone but think about what you do if you’re driving on the road but texting as well. What happens if you get into a car crash with a pregnant lady driving or walking. So many things can happen.  Here are some fact I found from a website.

Did you know:

  • 82% of Americans age 16-17 own cellphones
  • 55% of those young drivers think it’s easy to text while they drive

The reason is that this is all happening is because perhaps so many young kids look up to adults what they do. Some can see their parents texting while driving. This has to got to stop.

Hope you enjoyed this! Would love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below!