Results of a Two Week Camp out on look out…WE 11/30/14

The last two weeks have been so insanely busy.  Preparing for the finals of my classes.  Working on my final project for DS106, finished watching all episodes of The Wire, and completed the assignments due December 1.  I was so glad that I had time off from work.  Spent the entire time in front of the computer.  No Black friday shopping here… Just trying to get everything done for my classes.

We did Four Daily Creates over the past two weeks.

During the previous week, there were two Daily Creates.  On 11/18, We designed a “cheesy” record.  I designed a Trucking Greatest Hits CD.

Truckers Greatest Hits

I also added to the writing assignment on 11/21 The Thinker..  We had to write about what The Thinker was thinking about.  My first thought.. Where are my pants? lol.  As for his desire to take out Batman, just invite him over for my cooking..  Just ask my kids.

This week my daily creates have been:

11/25 Drawing with leaves.  There are so many leaves around campus.  It was easy to find medium to draw with..

Leaf Man..  he's everywhere this time of year....

And Yesterday, I added to the writing assignment “blank screen”.  Blank screen or not… I said not.  A blank screen does not necessarily mean that you do not have anything to say.  There could be a building explosion of words that are just being held back.  Never assume a blank page or silence means that there is nothing you have to say.

For my Movie Mashup: MashupAssignment1323  (4 stars)

This was a very fun assignment to do.  This assignment was to mash different movies together and blend them into a Movie poster.  I chose to blend “Star Wars” and “The Wire”.  For this assignment, I downloaded the movie poster from the Star Wars.  I then went to google images and decided which characters would blend best on this poster.  Bodie is the greatest fit I feel.  He wore a hoodie in so many episodes that he naturally became “Obi Wan”.  McNulty just has to play Luke.  Kima as Princess Leia. and I threw Marlo in there just because he is such a bad boy.    I downloaded from google images each of the pictures of the characters that I thought would work best in the poster.  I then uploaded my original movie poster into Pizap.  This allows you to manipulate the photos to add other pictures and faces into the picture.  After all of the pictures had been added to the poster, I added the text “vs The Wire”.

Star Wars vs The Wire

My next Mashup assignment is MashupAssignment1241 “Kirk Watches” for 4 stars.

I took the original assignment “mashup assignment 1241? titled “Captain Kirk Watches” and changed it into a more fitting assignment for me…  “The Star Trek Crew Watches” for the same star count.  Four Stars.  In this movie, we witness the crew of the Enterprise, just riding through space picking up strange transmissions and then they pick up HBO’s Series The Wire.  The Episode is playing in which Stringer Bell is being executed “The Wire” way.  We see in this video the reactions of each of the crew.  I have to say that my personal favorite is Spock’s reaction.  Spock would never kill anyone like Omar or Brother Mouzone.  This is a funny mashup of blending Star Trek and The Wire together…  Hope you enjoy

I also made a daily create suggestion this week.  Where do you live each day…  I took a picture of my work space.  I spend half of my life here..

I also did a remix assignment this week.  I was assigned the RemixedAssignment1266.

The Remix Assignment was to take this originally created Window with a view of Mars and add to this a Dr. Seuss inspired character.  I saved a copy of this window to my computer and uploaded it into and began my creation.  My favorite Dr. Seuss characters are all of the ones in the Grinch that stole Christmas.  My creation is Wendy Lou.  She loves Christmas just like Cindy Lou but her family lives on Mars.  Trees are different on Mars and therefore they do not have branches like those on Earth.  Wendy also has the power to create snowflakes.  These are special snowflakes though because they are not made from frozen water but frozen carbon dioxide and nitrogen.  I created Wendy by adding special features found on Pizap.  She has zombie eyes, hair, and various other items that you can add through Pizap.  I created her image directly on Ien’s image.  Once I created her, I downloaded her, and then uploaded her into Flickr so I could share my creation.

Hope you enjoy “Wendy Lou”

Remix Dr Seuss Character

I also created, with Omar’s help, two assignments for atleast 6 stars.

The first assignment was : A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (3 stars) ( DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments1445 )

I helped Omar design a Newport box that would mess with your head by being designed like a Marlboro box.  I will be writing up a tutorial to describe this assignment in full.  I saved two images from the internet, one a Newport box, and one a Marlboro box.  I then went to the website and altered the image to create the new box.

Newport in Marlboro

The next assignment that Omar did was to create a bumper sticker.

“Bumper Sticker” DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments961 (3.5 stars)

Omar and I designed this bumper sticker in Pizap.  He wanted to go with his favorite saying.  I talked him into adding some designs of the crown and dragon.  (Images typically used by Kings)

The entire project was able to be created in Pizap.  I used the landscape screen to make the image on.  I used the text tool to create each line.  The top line is white text on a black screen and the bottom line is a green with black text.  Both the crown and the dragon are images that are available directly in Pizap.  I hope you enjoy it!

Omar bumper sticker

I also created a tutorial on how to create the first assignment: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.  Here is a link to the tutorial that I created…

I hope that I remembered everything.  It has been a very busy week.  I did also finish The Wire.  I have to say that I cried my eyes out.  I felt hopeless.  I won’t go into any details since I am sure that there are many that may not have finished yet.  I do have to say though that through all of the seasons, Season 4 is my favorite.  I just have such love for all of the kids.  I think that is what pulls on my heart strings the most.  Adults are responsible for their own actions but WE are responsible for our kids.  Every single one of them.  Not politicians, not teachers, not school boards, WE all need to step up to the plate and offer support to those in need.  No kid should ever be hungry or wondering where they will sleep at night.  When we turn our back and ignore this problem, we are just as guilty as the drug dealers that push the crap out on the streets.  Every kid should know a safe and loving home.

For now..  signing off.  Going to go hug my kids and make sure they know that they are loved.

Happy Thanksgiving!