Signing off DS106.. The Wiretap has been cut off…

Packing up everything that we have used for observation over the last 16 weeks.  I send this last report in with a heavy heart.  I have worked so closely these last few weeks with Omar Little.  We’ve had many late night interviews and I will do my best to honor his memory.  Omar wanted to make sure that his story was told.  He did not want to be remembered as a “stick-up” man but a man of honor.  A man that lives by an honor code to watch out for the innocent and to keep tabs on the players of the game.  Any player that exceeds the balance, catches the eye of Omar.

Omar Devone Little was raised by a loving grandmother Josephine.  She raised him to live by a honorable code in which you do not prey on the innocent.  The focus of attention should be on the players of the game.  The life of a drug dealer is a volatile life to live.  This life is viewed as a “game” similar to the game, Chess.  Pawns work as corner kids on up to the leader of each gang is the King.  Omar views himself as a King in this game.  His favorite saying is “You come at the King, you best not miss.”  If you miss, you can bet that Omar will be tracking you down.

The first assignment this week that will show you a glimpse into Omar’s life is a video essay done by Omar and Myself.  Omar instructed me which videos of himself he wanted to show.  There are several scenes that are portrayed in this video assignment 439. This video essay hopefully will help portray Omar and the values that he lives by.

(Video Assignment 439:  5 Stars)

The next assignment that Omar helped me perfect is an audio assignment of the sounds of his life.  We worked together to put a sound track together showing what his world sounds like.

AudioAssignments1524 (3 stars)  “The Sounds of Omar’s Life”

In this assignment, Omar and I used Audacity to blend several sounds to make a typical day in the life of Omar.  I would like to give credit to the following from

“Outside Night w/Sirens” by apotter1992

“Dog barking in the distance” by MAJ061785

“9mm short reverb” by gattoangus

“Gunshots” by julien_nicolas_fusil

I also added a youtube video that I saved as a mp3 file to extract Omar’s whistle and his famous saying.  The youtube video was posted by matronator2 titled “Omar’s Whistle”.

We hope you enjoy it!

This week, I also submitted my last suggestion for the daily create.  I submitted a request to create a daily create that was a photography assignment to upload a picture of your favorite Christmas gift.  My favorite gift was my Fisher Price Castle.  Here is an image of it.

Fisher Price Castle

I also completed a daily create this week.

I completed the assignment on Thursday in which we create a headline in our own newspaper.  I created a “Baltimore Sun” front page item written on corner kids.  They seem to be getting smaller and hairier.

Corner Kids

I hope you enjoyed my final report.  This has been the greatest class ever.  Thank you so much Jim Groom and Paul Bond.  It’s been a wonderful semester!  I have met wonderful people and created beautiful art.  (The three ole biddies rocked it this semester!)

From the bottom of my heart and tears in my eyes…  I sincerely Thank you DS106.

See you around.  Can’t quit this game… it’s for life…