Silent Movie.. Fall Of A King *Spoiler Alert* Video Assignment 376

***SPOILER ALERT***Attention:  If you have not seen Episode 11 in Season 3.  Don’t Watch my Video! ***

This assignment is for “Return to the Silent Era”: Video Assignment 376 for 4.5 stars.

Okay, you’ve been warned…  This is a silent movie made to display my favorite scene in Season Three’s Episode 11.  I titled this movie, Fall Of A King.  To me, this truly is the fall of one of the Kings of The Wire.   Here is a link to my movie…

This movie was created with Windows Live Movie Maker.  With, I was able to pull two movies from Youtube to use for this movie.  I pulled the scene titled “The Wire Clip – Omar and Mouzone take out Stringer Bell” by hoodpolitics by pasting the link into Clipconverter.  This allowed me to download the scene as a mp4.  I also searched for silent movie music on youtube.  I was able to find a song by Frances Scott Key called Sunflower Slow Drag.  I also used Clipconverter to download this clip as just a music file by downloading it as a mp3.

Once I had the movie clip and the music downloaded, I went online into and set up a black background and added a border that I liked.  I then found a font and used it to set up each phrase that I wanted to add to the movie.  Once I had them all saved, I was ready to start the project.  I first added the movie.  I eliminated the volume so there was no “talking” on the movie.  I then watched the movie and inserted splits in the movie so that I could insert my words that had already been saved.  I then uploaded each page of words as a picture.  Since any uploaded picture goes to the end, I had to drag them into the movie split into the spot that I wanted it to go.

Next I added the music.  I had to adjust the volume and I also had to paste a second copy of the music so that there was enough to last the entire movie.  I also faded the music out the last 3 seconds of the clip.  Next, I adjusted each “word” screen to only exist for 4 seconds. (it automatically came in set up for 7 seconds)  I also added a title screen that would fade out, and added an ending.

I could have never done this without Meredith Fierro!  Thank you so much for working with me in the tutoring center!  If you need help,  She Rocks!  :)