Sitting in My Gullet

What's in your Gullet?

These are the last beverages I have had over the weekend. If you are wondering why they are full, it is because I did not want to sift through my garbage to go and grab the empty bottles, especially since sick materials are the majority of my trash at the moment.

Why go with those drinks?

– Water is just plain good. You never know how much you miss it until you go to another country where the water is not so clean and all you can drink is the purified water they bring you (which I might add will run out very quickly). Dr. Pepper is just another one of those really awesome sodas that are out there. If you are on campus, Seaco actually has really good Dr. Pepper, but not the Nest. Remember that little fact!. Lastly, Mountain Dew is gamer fuel/programming fuel! It is by far my favorite soda. If I’m going to be up all night, I’m grabbing Mountain Dew!


Were any of the meals you had with them extraordinary?

– The meal I had with Mountain Dew was pretty extraordinary. I ordered Chinese since I was feeling better on Saturday and had a bottle of it with some General Tso’s Chicken. It was phenomenal! Yes I do consider this extraordinary, it is not campus food damn-it!

Who did you have them with, if anyone?

– Oddly enough, I did have each one of these drinks as I was talking with my brother over Xbox Live and watching Youtube videos. It is as close as I wanted to get to anyone while I was feeling under the weather. And before you ask, no while I was at the worst of my sickness, I was only drinking water. I literally just had a Mountain Dew yesterday and a Dr. Pepper today (although I’ve got one of each in reserve now).

That’s whats in my Gullet!

What’s in yours?

Let me know what you think!