Somehow There’s Never Enough Time.


Mashup Total: 12 stars

1. Movie Trailer Mashup (4.5 stars) The Divergent Games

2. Movie Mashup (4.5 stars) The Divergent Games-Poster

3. *The Wire* Inappropriate Laughter (3 stars) Omar’s Testimony

Remix: 7 stars


Kinematic Typography Remixed Subtle Switcheroo (7 stars) 11th Doctor’s Quote

As done by Fitz

Total: 6 stars

Honest Video Game (3 stars) Mario Kart

Animal Dance Off (3 stars) Animals Can Also Sing

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What’s the thinker’s plan?

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Only a few more hours until i can make brownies and drown myself in their chocolately goodness.
Do Not Touch The Pie

The Wire

Season 4, episodes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (week 14)

Learning about the children’s lives has been a really fascinating change of pace for the show. Before it was more about the police officer’s lives and the drug dealers’ lives but now it’s more about the other people that are affected by the drug dealing game. The kids so far have shown that in good environments they can behave like normal children, but once they are thrown into the intense situations that comes with drug dealing, they loose their innocence. We also see much more politics in these episodes as Carcetti is running in the mayoral primary and ultimately wins. The politicians have an enormous amount of influence on the drug rings as well, it just depends on how they want to use their power to change the city.


*Although it isn’t an excuse, due to my final version of my senior thesis being due on Dec. 1st as well, I did not have time to go comment on other people’s works. I also left out how I did my assignments on most of their individual posts. However, I can say I exclusively used iMovie for the videos and Pixlr for the images I created. This is also why my analysis for The Wire episodes is not very in depth. I can assure you that I did watch all of them though.