The Frozen Dead


Hiya! So another mashup down! I decided to do the trailer mashup because it really stuck out to me when I was brainstorming ideas for the mashups. So I was thinking of different movies/tv shows that I could mash up and Frozen was the first thing that I came up with. Then I was thinking of something else that I could pair it with. Walking Dead came up as well and I thought I would give those two a try. I grabbed the trailer for Frozen and converted the YouTube file to an MP4 file to import to iMovie. Then the hard part was deciding which Walking Dead trailer to use. There are 5 seasons of the Walking Dead so to find which one fit the best I decided to try each season trailer. So I grabbed all 5 season trailers, converted them to the MP4 file then I went to iMovie and put each file as the background music to the Frozen trailer. For some reason I wanted to try the season 5 trailer first. So I added it to my storyboard in iMovie. I think this was the best one! Its not perfect but it matches up the most. There is time where there is talking and there isn’t a character there or there is a character “talking” but there isn’t any speaking. I decided to use the season 5 trailer because it matched well with a lot of the transitions in the Frozen trailer. So here is the final product! This was a fun assignment to do and it makes me think of other movies that could be mashed up.