The Kennedys or Five Seconds of Summer?

This design assignment was the hardest one i completed for week 6. Yet again i found myself scrolling through the pages and pages of assignments and saw a picture of Justin Bieber. I wasn’t aware that he was still relevant but that’s a different story. The assignment i chose was “On The Cover of A Teen Mag.” Another assignment where i get to use my mastered cut & copy skills. Since i’ve been doing a lot of pictures and adding texts, i figured i should swap some heads this time. Great, let me show you how it’s done!


Choosing the right magazine cover was the second most important step. I really just googled “teen magazine cover” and scrolled until i found a cover that wasn’t revolved around one celebrity. This cover featured the famous boy band Five Seconds of Summer. If you’re not hip with the current culture like myself, you must do a quick wiki search of them. I thought One Direction was the only boy band of any important at the moment. ANYWAYS, This cover had 4 figures so my next most important step was choosing people to replace them. When i read the directions and aw “political person” my mind went straight to the Kennedys. Don’t get me wrong, i’m well-informed with modern politics but the Obamas weren’t as interesting to me at the time i did this assignment. You might be thinking “Carmela, the Kennedys were always on the covers of magazines.” I’M SORRY. It seriously slipped my mind that this was a normal thing. I just wanted to do the Kennedys so bad. Plus they were the perfect pick for this. Jackie, John, Bobby, and Ethel. The power team. Now that i’ve chosen them, let’s get down to the details of making this masterpiece work.


By looking at my final work, you know those heads aren’t on the right body. DUH. I had to google pictures of each person (Jackie, John, Bobby, and Ethel) that fit the bodies of 5SOS (the boy band) perfectly. So i had to have the cover open and compare a bunch of pictures. I can’t have JFK facing the left when the body is facing forward, you know? After finding the best pictures, i cut the heads out and saved them. If you need help learning how to crop, visit my most valuable blog post here that gives you a tutorial. So i have the heads, not let’s get the bodies.


Before i added the heads to the bodies, i needed to change the headlines to make it appropriate for the Kennedys. I googled a blue background to match the title of the magazine and added text to it saying “The Kennedys.” I tried going to and looking for some sort of official text that matched the magazine but i could only find cool themed ones. So i opted for basic ones. After i got the title down, i had to change the caption for the group shot of the bands. It originally said “5 Seconds of Summer” so i wanted to be clever and add something both appropriate and funny. This all comes down to your interpretation of “appropriate” because what i did was a little rough. I found a pink background and added the word “office” to it in a similar pink color as the font. So now the caption read “5 Seconds of Office.” I’m not trying to be too mean but that was just a little too obvious. If i didn’t write that i would have been disappointed in myself! Let’s move on to the heads, shall we?


With my previous assignments, i just added the head to the body and called it a day. Boo. Show some more effort Carmela! After scaling the heads of each person i fitted them to the bodies perfectly. There was just one problem. The awkward difference in color in the necks. This boy band is well tanned. I decided to do something i’ve never done before. SMUDGE. I didn’t know that the smudging tool worked so well this head replacement. I started with JFK and realized how much better this looked. Since Bobby is hiding behind his brother, i wasn’t too concerned with his Neck. Ethel on the other hand, oh my. Her neck was the most obvious of the bunch. Jackie’s head fit perfectly so no skin was really showing from the body. Yay! The heads are done! This took me a while because i didn’t just want to throw the heads on and leave them unattended. Overall, this turned out great. I know the assignment says 3.5 stars but i seriously deserve 4. Come on!


Original mag cover


Kennedy Cover