The News Hour aka The Dark Comedy on DS106 Radio

What I thought was going to be straight up serious news on DS106 radio, turned out to be a dark comedy about topics that would actually show up on the news. I love how Meredith was consistently the radio host since that gave us a anchor point to go back to after the different news segments. Amy’s news segments were definitely the most serious and really told painted the entire picture of the various news scenes that were happening. The amount of detail and both Meredith and Amy went into was a bit unexpected but I’m really glad they put them in their show. David’s impression of Bubbles was on point!! I thought it was great! I was taken aback because I couldn’t tell at first if it was an impersonation or not. I also really enjoyed the beginning of the wire theme song as the radio bumpers. The 911 call bit where Shakia, a little girl in the background, is bothering her dad, who is on the 9111 call, for ice cream was hilarious! This is supposed to be a serious 911 emergency call but instead it’s clear that neither the father no the 911 responder is taking the conversation all that seriously. The other 911 call when the mother’s kid gets shot was also really funny because they way the mother was talking to the 911 responder was so dead pan and so unemotional that it just seemed kind of ridiculous. That’s when it really turned into a dark comedy because then the radio host comes back to say “and now in more serious news…Mercedes cars are being stolen” Stolen cars has never been more serious than a murder, but in this strange world it is! Overall I was impressed with this group’s radio show. :) I also liked how they snuck in the White House address to make that a crime scene. That was cute. [Aired 9:00pm-10:00pm, Wednesday, 10/22/14]