The Wire in all its 8-bit glory

Since this week is focused on the elements of design, I decided to make a The Wire inspired cover of an Atari 2600 game. Utilizing the provided fonts from the Atari Age forums, and a template from here, I was able to have a basis to design this:
The Wire on the Atari 2600


It was nice having the provided resources to work with. I googled other box art examples of Atari 2600 games for a feel of how they were often designed. Since the back of the box tended to have a description and an image of the game, I typed up a typical promotional blurb below a self-made image inspired by the intro to the show. I simply used the straight line tool against a black background. The front cover art was found here, and I felt the quote was perfectly relevant to the assignment. The whole project was as simple as using GIMP to layer the cover template over the artwork, and creating text boxes using the downloaded fonts. It was challenging trying to translate a relatively modern show into this era of artwork, so I hoped I made it work. I tried to incorporate the concepts of minimalism, accurate typography, and proportion.


Difficulty: 3.5 stars