Too much work..

This weekly assignment was tons of work. I’ll be honest with you on that but I had fun doing it. Here is what I had to do:

Do 3 daily creates

-Do 3 Assignments from The Assignment Bank:

-Organize my blog more and stuff: I updated my theme a bit and I went in this order to organize my blog post more below.

  • Clicked on Posts
  • Went to Categories
  • Created each Categories and sub-categories
  • Went to Appearance
  • Clicked on Menus
  • Created a Page
  • On the page, I put my categories in the way I wanted and the posts too by clicking add menu
  • I dragged the subcategories a bit to the side in the category they are supposed to be in
  • I then clicked on save menuMy blog

Commenting on other people’s blog, Tweeting, and using Known

Reflecting the chapter “Web 2.0 Storytelling””

-Install JetPack: Okay I’ll be honest with you, I did installed Jetpack, but I forgot to add the widgets of the subscriptions. Here is a photo of my blog now on my post of commenting on other people’s blog.

Subscription Posts


I feel like that I’ll make it more creative and it’ll be fun to see by next weeks post. I added widgets like of Twitter and Flickr. I looked up on how to do it. Flickr wasn’t that tough. Like I said I’ll add more to my blog and I’ll try to make it more creative by the next weeks post.

The Week Reflection:

I’ll be honest here. This week was really busy for me with tons of work I got from my class. I’m about to get tons of work and I want to get good grades in all of my classes like getting A’s especially for this class. I’m doing my best so I can make my parents happy with my grades I can get for this semester especially for my mom.

I used Twitter a lot but I haven’t used Known. I’m going to start using it more so by next week’s post, it’ll be a lot of posts like I did with Twitter. After the few posts I made on Known, I liked it because it’s similar as Twitter but it posts on your other social media accounts too. I also made a video part of my design assignment just for fun. Hope you guys like this video of “Where’s Wallace?”

I loved doing the Daily Creates. That’s why I did it early. It’s a fun assignment to do. I liked commenting on other peoples blog. It’s fun doing so. I wished I could have been part of the discussion and going to lunch but my school work was too much for me! I hope to participate more for this upcoming week! But hey at least I still made my blog posts and I enjoyed it. Got to love life as Chris Rene would say. [contact-form]