Toy Story Radio

The Movie as Radio audio assignment took me a long time to complete but it was a lot of fun. Using a movie’s soundtrack I had to make a movie radio show that was under 10 minutes. I decided to use the first Toy Story’s soundtrack for this assignment. Toy Story is my favorite childhood movie. I used audacity to cut and put together the soundtracks. My process of this assignment was as follows:

  1. I used an online source to Rip the soundtrack from YouTube.
  2. I listened to each of the tracks and realized a lot of the tracks do not have any lyrics, so I went onto YouTube and found the scenes that had the background music and took the sounds from them.
  3. Once I had all the sound clips I needed using audacity I cut pieces of each sound to fit it all in under 10 minutes.
  4. I put the sound clips and songs in sequential order of the movie and not of the soundtrack. I thought it made more sense to do it that way so everyone could listen to it and be able to remember or understand the storyline better.
  5. Using the effects of audacity I added fade in and fade out on each of the sound clips so the transitions were a little bit smoother.
  6. Finally, to export it into an mp3 format I had to download a file. I don’t remember what it was called, but it popped up when I tried to export it. I just followed the instructions from audacity and then it was easily exported into mp3 format.

Here is my finished product. Sorry it’s not in SoundCloud they kept removing it because of Copyright.

It was not an easy assignment at all. Mainly because I was unfamiliar with audacity and spent a lot of time figuring out how to cut clips, edit them, etc… It is actually really easy to use once you understand it. Let me know what you all think  of it. Hopefully it brings back some memories from your childhood years.


2.5 stars