TV Scenes That Changed My Life

I did the Movie TV Scenes That Changed Our Lives assignment worth 5 stars. For this assignment I picked out 3 scenes that were very memorable to me, and provided some commentary on what the situation of the scene is and why it moved me.
These are three scenes from various tv shows that have really stuck with me overtime:

1. The end of “Symphony of Illusion” from How I Met Your Mother (7×12)

2. Vincent in the Museum from”Vincent and the Doctor” from Doctor Who (5×10)

3. The Lion Turtle from “Sozin’s Comet Part 2: Old Masters” from Avatar: The Last Airbender (3×19)

To make this video, I downloaded the episodes that I was picking these scenes from. I imported them into iMovie and cut them down to the led up of the scenes and then to just the particular scenes. I then added in either a freeze frame, or silent video leading up to the scene in order to provide space for my commentary about the scenes. I used iMovie’s ability to record from the webcam to import my commentary. I also used one of the pre-made themes for the transitions. Lastly, I inserted some titles to display which episode and show the scenes are from.

Two of them are pretty emotional, but I think that’s why I can remember them so well. I know in the moment, when I first watched the first two episodes, I started tearing up during these scenes. I’m not entirely satisfied with my explanation/analysis of the scenes, but I also didn’t want the commentary to sound scripted, so I just did a couple takes of my thoughts and picked the best one for each scene.

Tv scenes that have changed my life-VideoAssignments442 from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.