Videos Galore!

Hi! So these weeks were a lot of fun! Although this week was really cold, I found that editing was the perfect thing to keep the time from passing slowly!

This is how I feel since the temperature dropped!

I really like video editing so I loved that we had to create the Swede! That was by far my favorite episode. Also this week I loved looking back on other people’s work and see what they created this week! As I’m writing this I’m at home in Virginia Beach, sitting in a local coffee shop and I’m trying not to laugh out loud at the videos! Some of these are hysterical.


Stringer’s Demise Swede

Video Essay

Lion King in 5 Seconds

Carcetti Hates Calling for Money

The Secret Life of Beatrice Russell


Daily Creates:

I definitely fell out of the habit of daily creates these past two weeks, but I’m going to work harder next week to get them in!

AIM: Aol Instant Messenger



Stephanie’s post Omar Takes A Walk Swede

Brittany’s post Time Lapse Video Making Popcorn

Jess’s post Much Swede

Brittany’s post Rawls on the Web

Ien’s post Daily Create Antifilm


Can’t wait for next week!