Wanted: for DWI



I thought the idea of a Wanted Poster assignment was perfect for wire106. Hats off to Kris for making it. McNulty ought be get hauled in for his escapades in the last episode, so I thought he’d make a good subject. But I’m all about the animated GIFs, so I took it down that route. I used the same poster generator as Kris because I’m lazy, but it stopped my GIF from animating. So I made a new layer on top of my GIF and changed the Image Size to match the poster that the site made. I copied the poster, minus the part with the picture, and pasted it on the top layer of my GIF. I had to resize the poster layer a lot until it lined up right. Then I decided I didn’t like the color image on the sepia toned poster. I looked for an easy filter in Photoshop but didn’t see anything I liked. So I repasted the poster, this time without leaving out the image. Then I changed the layer blending mode to Screen, which sort of washed out the color of the GIF. Since the image is on the poster layer as a constant, it gives a double-vision effect during the animation, which suits his intoxicated look.