We are the Champions!

There was once a man that told me, “The end is only the beginning.” Well I saw it from a movie but I forgot what it was. I really can’t believe my favorite class of all time has come to an end. It’s been really guys. I’ve met some really awesome people throughout the semester who was so friendly with me! I really couldn’t ask for better classmates and professors!

Jessica R.Alison T., Lauren B., Kris H., Maggie S., LaKisha M., Professor Paul Bond, and the one only the legend Professor Groom

Entering as a freshman and being the only freshman in ds106, I thought I would be lost on what to do. I thought I wouldn’t do great at all in anything in my classes. Right now, it’s the other way around. I’ve been doing great in my classes for a while and doing better. I’ve been improving in my classes. I’ve only used paint, wondershare, and GIMP 2 to do all my assignments. My parents don’t have enough money and I want to make them proud by doing good in my classes. I know by making friends, they’ll help you learn for the future. I learned definitely a lot of stuff from my ds106 friends. They rule.

mcnultyback(Jay :D )

You guys made my first semester here at UMW the best. I thought I wouldn’t make any friends but I became friends with you guys haha. The legendary Reverend Groom and Professor Bond, they rule. Couldn’t ask for better professors that’ll make my day by making so many funny jokes and talking about The Wire. I feel sad completely that like I won’t be doing anymore assignments for ds106, having those Jay vs puppy war, doing daily creates, putting GIFS and quotes in my blog post, and commenting on other people’s blog. I know you guys deserve something and I know you know what it is! :D

This is me how much I want to come back to ds106 if I have to even to run for it.

Here are the assignments I did this week:

Jay’s Narrative

1 Daily Create


-Posted finally my assignments and tutorials I created and daily creates I submitted as well after a while

As you guys know in my weekly post I always put a music video and the title of my blog post tells it all. We are legit the champions #ds1064life. I can’t believe I used a hashtag in a blog post. I know for sure during my senior year in the future, I’ll take ds106 again just to enjoy my last year with creating art and talking about any tv show but preferably The Wire. Good luck to all taking finals this week! Would love to keep in touch with you guys! Going to miss this class! Without further ado, here it is:

Au revoir ds106 amis! Bon voyage! :D