Weekly Summary

This is the second to last of this class and it’s weird for things coming to a close.

I did one daily create this week on a throwback to my favorite assignment this semester. This is what I wrote:

“This is one of my favorite projects from my work in the class because it is proof that I can make a gif. It may not be the best in the world but it shows that I have learned to do things in this class I never thought I could. I made it by downloading an episode of the Wire into MPEG Streamclip and then taking the couple of second scene I wanted. Then I used the program called GIMP to make the actual gif and write over top. It was a lot of work, but I did it all on my own and that makes me proud of it.”

I created and made two assignments of my own this week. One is a writing assignment to write your future life as if you were in a textbook. I also made a visual assignment to show the different levels of stress.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.47.47 PM

Untitled design (4)

I did two tutorials as well, one for the book creation I made as an assignment for Bunk and the other for the post-it notes and grocery lists visual assignment.

For my Bunk project I made a running post of his work thus far. I had him create a new book and shared it on his Facebook and Twitter, as I did with his other assignments this week.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.04.27 AM


I also had Bunk merge two logos of Brooks Brothers and Men’s Wearhouse for a design assignment.

Logo project


Bunk’s last project this week was a bunch of sticky notes that gave a glimpse into how I imagine Bunk’s daily life and notes to be.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.30.46 AM

The end of the Wire:

Episode 11-

I still cannot get over how much these kids’ lives sucks. Everyone in politics in this show is dealing with their lives, yet they have no idea what they are going through. That one kid went home to find his mother dead on the couch. I don’t understand how the politicians can’t do more than they are. Bubbles is still trying to get this kid into order ad now there seems to be some hope. The kids finally got one on that jerk of a cop, which is nice to see. I also like that the kids stick together even when they get in trouble. Oh, and there’s McNulty! It’s weird to see him eating with a dealer, it’s like the two sides of the war, but they are actually eating together calmly. Omar seems to be putting the pieces together to figure out what really happened and what Marlow is up to with Prop Joe. I like that Daniels is trying to put Major Crimes back together, with Lester at the head. It’s nice to see someone using their power for good. It’s weird to see the old place and Lester looking around it alone. He obviously is looking for something, possibly trying to go after the big money corrupted politicians again. Pryz is clearly pissed about how the situation with his student was handled and he is concerned for his safety, as it seems he should be. It looks like Herc didn’t do what he was supposed to. I love seeing McNulty ripping apart the mayor for nothing happening and no one being taught, but clearly he has a plan and even shuts Jimmy up. Lester is so smart, I have confidence that he will figure this whole thing out.

Episode 12-

What on earth is happening with this kid, I thought he was really in trouble, but it looks like he is now working for Marlow’s crew. I love that Lester is getting yelled at for actual finding bodies and figuring out a case. “we do not go looking for bodies,” he is told. The mayor is dealing with budget issues, focusing on the education and what money was spent on programming that doesn’t even work. All this talk about formaldehyde and cyanide is pretty scary and makes me wonder what’s in store for Bubbles. Omar is planning something “subtle,” but I don’t know if he can accomplish that. Daniels is turning the tomb into a political statement and Wee-Bay’s son finally gets a wake up call. Lester and Bunk go into the houses and search for bodies, coming upon many. Yet the higher-up cops will somehow screw this all up for them, but Daniels will get it through. Did Bubbles accidentally get this kid killed by messing around with poison? Omar seems to be up to something with his partners and giant guns. Namon is still struggling and has finally figured out that he cannot be his father, and maybe doesn’t even want to. I can’t believe that kid’s house is set fire for him snitching, and the cops are seriously stupid as they promised his safety. It seems that everyone who ever tries to help these kids gets screwed over, even the coach. The worst part is they cannot even keep the kids safe. Now Carver has to go to the hospital to look in on the kid he was supposed to protect and whose foster mom is now injured. It’s no wonder these kids feel so alone and betrayed because the cops use them and then don’t help them, or fail them completely like Carver with this kid.

Episode 13-

I can’t believe Bubbles almost died. Those cops are so stupid to leave him alone. Every episode shows more incompetency on their side as the people on the streets continue to suffer. It’s so sad to see Bubbles upset and to see the bodies laid out in a row on the floor. It just speaks to the fact that it won’t end. I’m glad Carver is taking the responsibility to find a home for the kid by himself. I wonder if he will end up taking him in. Lester is getting everyone to seriously go after the bodies in the city. Bodie is the first person to finally get pissed about Marlow killing everyone and the cops aren’t even doing anything until just now. Good thing McNulty likes him and gets him off for hurting the cop car. I love that Bunk is smoking a cigar with all of these dead people around. How typical. McNulty seems really interested in what is happening with the case now at least. Bunk and Kima caught the culprits but I’m not sure they know it’s them yet. Looks like the Greek is back! Bodie thinks everything in the game is rigged and no one helps him. McNulty calls Bodie a soldier, which is different. Wee-Bay gets to hear about the new game, one without code that destroys young men. Namon isn’t made for the corners he is told. It looks like Bodie is going to die, the last of the originals. He is the only one fighting for the way things used to be and it’s sad to see him dead. McNulty is pissed about Bodie’s death, as he should be. He is told it’s his fault for talking to Bodie. The scene with Carver in the car was really great because we finally see how angry he is at the ridiculous system that runs the game. Pryz is finally working through his job and Lester is leading an army to find all of these bodies’ killers. Kima finally goes to check on Bubbles who is in the hospital, sad and alone, but she leaves as always. The end of the episode was pretty cool, with McNulty and the gang back together. There is also the political game and drug world, which are both continuing without avail I’m sure. Carver’s kid is lost it seems, Michal is working for Marlow and becoming a killer, DeQuan is working the corners and Carver is back on the streets working on the next set of kids. It’s like this whole season was for nothing and did nothing. At least Namon seems to be getting it together…for now.