Where are they now?

For this assignment (3 stars), I changed it to where are they now within the show. I focused on the three characters who I think has changed the most in season 2: McNulty, Ziggy, and Beatrice.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.11.56 PM

McNulty- McNulty has changed so much throughout the seasons so far. His biggest change from within Season 2 was where he was working. At first he was on the boat, then right now, he is working the case with everyone else.

Beatrice- Before Beatrice found the dead girls, she was just a routine cop assigned to the shipyards. Her job has not changed dramatically. She is now heavily involved in the case, she has been involved in the raids and following people for surveillance.

Ziggy- Oh Ziggy.. Ziggy has been struggling to deal with people taking him seriously and respecting him. Throughout season 2, you can tell all that anger is building up, till it exploded. Currently in the show, Ziggy is now in jail for killing on of the Greeks.


I was thinking about this assignment, and I thought that what if i showed where the characters are now within the show. I picked the three characters that have changed the most during season 2 (McNulty, Ziggy, and Beatrice).

For this assignment, I used Piktochart to make the infograph.

  • First, I searched for images of Ziggy, McNulty, and Beatrice earlier in the season.
  • Second, I took screen shots from Episode 11, Season 2.
  • I uploaded them into Piktochart
  • Then, I pasted them into the blank document, set the background and rearranged them how I thought looked best.
  • I picked Ziggy to be the biggest on the bottom, because he has changed the most.
    • I found a symbol of handcuffs to symbolize what happened
  • I added text to comment on how they changed.
  • Then I downloaded the JPEG and uploaded it here.